Tuesday, January 8, 2013

cranberry orange butter syrup

I made this up after having leftover cranberry sauce from Thanksgiving and nothing to use it with. It was a huge success with me and my kids liked it too!  It seriously makes me feel like I am at a bed and breakfast (well I've never been to one but I bet this is what they serve. :)) It takes just a little bit of time but once you have it made it will last for a while in the fridge. And will be handy everytime you have pancakes or waffles.


-2 oranges
-2 Tbsp butter
-3-4 Tbsp maple syrup
-cranberry sauce


1. Zest the oranges and then peel the orange by cutting with a knife around the edges so the white and segment skin is removed.
2. Seperate the orange slices and try to remove the segment skins from them (easiest if you pull from the side already free of skin.
3. Put the oranges plus all other ingredients into the pan and simmer until a sauce starts to form
(If you like the segments whole, don't let it go too long, otherwise make a sauce) and then smash together with a fork.
4. Pour onto pancakes warm and eat as is or with maple syrup drizzled on it.


  1. That syrup looks delicious, I am going to try it, I made the granola for mark again today :)

  2. oh good. keep watching because I'm going to be adding lots of food on in the next few weeks! It's a plan to get all of my food on the blog.