Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Morning devotional and egg hash

Today morning devotional was easy and simplified. We received a letter from one of our special missionaries in the Philippines who said that he faith was being tried right now so I used his example and the Scriptures Abraham 3:25 & 1 Peter 1:6-7 as reference for us to build our faith and remember that when times are hard we still show obedience and love and devotion to Him as He tries our faith. Just as our sweet missionary does the same!

Then we ate egg hash, one of my kids favorite!
Egg hash: feeds 6 people or 4 dinos. (dinos as in my kids) 😆
5 small potatos (I like red or gold) diced small
10 eggs
2 handfuls spinach

dice potatoes and put in a pan with a small amount of oil add a little water and put a lid on it to soften the potatoes for about 7 minutes. While cooking get your eggs and spinach and lightly chop the spinach add the eggs cook for a moment and then add spinach at the end to soften. Add salt and pepper to taste. add anything else you like peppers, tomatoes, bacon, etc.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Hello again. ....... and a great family night activity (FHE)

It seems instagram has become a place I want to post all about the things I want to remember,  not really for anyone else but solely for me to remember things.
However, I give up, this is a better place for that- so here i go again trying to post.
Short and sweet they will be! But that fits my hyper nature anyways.  So with no further ado..... tonight's FHE was totally fun and honestly probably one of the only times they sat still for "nearly" the 20 minutes it took.
Prep you ask? Hardly any! Yeah!
I printed people outlines for everyone present then read Ephesians 6: 10-17 (3 times). As I read the first time I had them draw in each part of the armor they heard me say.  (I read very slowly, pausing in between to help or give time).
Then 2nd time through we pointed arrows towards the armor parts (6 we counted) and put what they protected.
3rd times a charm- i asked individual people what those parts they are protecting really meant.
For example, my favorite one answered was my husband's.
"Loins gird about with truth" 1. Loins 2. Truth
Enter: awesome husband 3. "Another word for truth is light. When we live clean and the way God wants us to, we are more able to know truths from falsehoods. Think of those who do not live clean lives, it is very difficult for them to receive light and truth." Wasn't that an inspired and awesome answer? Yeah I thought so too! And that was being put on the spot. But then again i think he's awesome! Okay okay!
After, they heard why mommy thinks it's so important to live with armor and why mommy works so hard to help then put it on each day. (Honestly they are probably tired of hearing it) and I will continue to do it! But, I digress.
It was great!