Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Roasted Whole Chicken and Chicken Stock

I am fortunate to have been given a wonderfully yummy, grass-fed, basically organic, home-grown whole chicken from our egg lady and boy was it good.  I have to admit I have never cooked one before and it was a little intimidating, but lucky for me it was already cleaned and ready for cookin'.  After roasting and eating for our Sunday dinner, I took some of the scraps (kept the rest for future use) and boiled it into homemade chicken stock.  It was both a little scary (because of inexperience) and totally thrilling and a huge sense of accomplishment.  I am brimming with pride over such an easy task.  I ran into a nice woman today at the grocery store who was impressed to know I make such things at home and mentioned how sad it is that many do not even know they can do such things.  I agreed that it IS SAD and hw I would love to inform the world, so as to get the word out I want everyone to encourage your friends and others to read my blog and links to my blog roll so that we can together change the world one blog at a time :) Ok! that sounds a little crazy! But truthfully feel free to share your knowledge or others. Thanks for reading. Ok Ok here it is! The beautiful bird ( I realized mid eating I didn't take a pic of it first AHHHH! ) So here it is partially eaten.

Like I said it was soooo good! It's gonna be hard buying store chickens after this spoiling.  But I then took the bones and drippings and left overs from the pieces we ate and boiled them down and then strained to make a lovely gallon of chicken stock for free- at home- delicious!!!  I then bagged each in a freezer Ziploc and laid it flat to freeze and know it will be easy to store in the freezer. Awesome! 

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