Saturday, March 3, 2012

greens Anyone????

At our house you can usually walk in at any given time and see what looks like grass growing on shelves in the kitchen.  It looks beautiful and tastes grass! I wanted to tell about another one of my secerets to health.  I have both a hesitiant and gung ho approach for you.  I went to a lovely presentation led by our chiropractor a little while back and he gave us a fun little goody bag to take home.  It felt like christmas to me. (Is that nerdy when you think a bag full of health products is like christmas??) Anyways, I have to say honestly, I didn't try these until just a few weeks ago. We normally have wheat or barley grass groing at the house and never needed this supplement, but lo and behold, I found myself without any grass and I was feeling very heavy and cloudy.  I rummaged through my "medicine box" (which is really just an herb box ha!) and saw these- I looked at the ingredients and was so excited.  (the picture above only shows the berry first packet but I also had a greens first sample and needless to say they are all gone :))
So I mixed it with some water and it was not bad at all and I felt great!  Now don't get me wrong, there is nothing that takes the place of fresh juiced grass- nothing! But,, it was darn close 2nd.
So I will leave it at this today, but soon I will post a 2nd addition to this post and tell you and show you all about wheatgrass and how we do that!

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